Security Lighting Systems

Security lighting can help to protect your home or business but is not by its own a security system. Security lighting will not provide the same level of protection as a Burglar Alarm or CCTV system.

Although security lighting will help to make your property feel more secure, it is more likely to be used as a welcome light for yourself or your guests – however – the thought of being seen clearly is a deterrent for the less determined burglar.

There are two different types of security lighting, both of which use the latest LED technology for a brighter light whilst using up to 90% less energy than older security light

LED floodlights with PIR’s

LED Security Floodlight with PIRLED floodlights combined with PIR’s – Passive Infra-red Sensors – are standalone units which activate for a set amount of time when movement is detected by the attached PIR detector.

If necessary, the PIR sensor can be sited remotely from the floodlight to enable the light to come on before entering the usual detection zone. An example of this would be if you want a flood light to come on when somebody reaches a gate which may not be in the normal view of the sensor when attached to the light.

Security light system

This is a much more advanced system an includes a small keypad sized controller installed in your premises with floodlights and separate PIR detectors outside. The PIR’s allow the lights to come on when motion is detected, but using the internal controller you have the option of overriding the PIR sensors and turning the lights on and off as you please.

For example, if you have a warehouse loading bay you may want the loading area to be fully illuminated from dusk and until close and then switch to PIR detection after hours for use in conjunction with an HD CCTV system.

Why LED security lights?

LED’s offer the lowest possible running costs with superior quality illumination as they have an even spread of light no dark or bright spots. LED security lights have a longer product life and reliability and with no warm up time needed they have an instant start.

With it’s higher performance and lower power consumption LED provides an ideal solution for any CCTV system.