HD CCTV Camera system with remote access from £249

CCTV Systems

The application of CCTV systems are becoming increasingly incorporated into home and commercial security prevention systems. This approach provides users with the ultimate deterrent that is both visible and effective. Protect your home or business with the latest in CCTV technology for anti-theft surveillance, staff surveillance and access control surveillance from single cameras to complex camera systems.

From single cameras to complex security camera systems BDI Security bring you the latest technology for all your security needs for your home, business, office, industrial or retail requirements.

BDI Security can supply and install Analogue, Analogue HD and IP cameras. Our 1080p PTZ camera allows a 360 degrees pan rotation view with tilt and zoom functions eliminating blind spots giving you good quality footage even in very low light. With a very impressive IR distance of up to 100 metres the PTZ is the camera of choice for many businesses. The PTZ camera allows you to manually move the camera to a view of your choice or programme your chosen view path. PTZ cameras are excellent for live monitoring applications where robust cameras and camera control are required. Screenshots from our systems can be seen below.

All our camera systems enable non-stop recording onto a hard drive via a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) allowing video playback and remote viewing which is also available via an app allowing you to check your home or business whilst you are away. All our cameras are weatherproof and can be used both outdoors and indoors.